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Access in the Data Center

Access to the equipment is carefully supervised and operates according to strict rules. Access to the data center is allowed only to authorized persons and colocation clients have access only accompanied by a technical newHOST team member.


Air conditioning and ventilation systems of 445kW configured in redundancy N+1. The ensured temperature is 22 degrees. C (+/- 2 . C) and provided humidity is 50% +/- 20%. Thus your equipment will provide top performance.

UPS and Generator

Choosing Colocation services, your equipment will be installed in our datacenter. Each rack is supplied with two-phase current circuits. The system is supported by two links in the electricity network with a capacity of 250kVA, 120kVA generators and 120 kVA UPSs.

We offer 99.9% uptime, professional security systems and the latest technology

Operating environment

Redundant air conditioning N+1
Three phase power and 120kVA UPS
120kVA diesel generator
Fire detection and extinguishing systems
Retaining earthquake rack system
Sensors for temperature and humidity
Occupancy water sensors

The Data Center benefits of video surveillance systems and access control system based on fingerprint. The building has permanent security, 24x7x365.

We are proud of a team of professionals with over 8 years experience in the field of data transfer and security. We provide the highest quality standard we are open to any professional challenge.


Our customers benefit from:

Monitoring services 24x7x365
Technical support via contact tickets 24x7x365
Remote Hands
Dedicated KVM over IP– Upon request
Remote reboot port – Upon request
DDoS Protection – Upon request

Colocation 1/2 (21U)


Sizes 21U
PDU Capacity 2x 16A
Kilowatt Price (KWh) 0.25€


Connectivity: 1Gbps
Metropolitan access: 100Mbps
International access: 10Mbps
Included IPv4 addresses: 8
Reverse DNS: Yes
Unmetered monthly traffic

Colocation Full Rack


Sizes 42U
PDU Capacity 2x 32A
Kilowatt Price (KWh) 0.25€


Connectivity: 1Gbps
Metropolitan access: 200Mbps
International access: 20Mbps
Included IPv4 addresses: 16
Reverse DNS: Yes
Unmetered monthly traffic


Permanently investing in technology to ensure our customers the highest standard of quality.

We opted for professional equipment, the only solution to give you an uptime above the industry's current average.

Cisco integrated infrastructure
Intel, Dell, Supermicro Servers
30kVA UPSs
Rittal PDUs
Hardware DDoS/DoS protection
Anti-earthquake professional system
Professional cooling systems and power supply

Payment information

Prices are in euro currency, VAT is not included.
Prices represent the value of using the service in advance for 30 days..
The deadline for installation is within 2 hours after receiving the equipment at the Data Center.


Information hosted on servers are instantly accessible from anywhere in the world due to upstream connections made in Frankfurt and Bucharest with the most prestigious providers in the world:

Level3 4Gbps Telia 2Gbps
Tinet 2Gbps Cogent 2Gbps

Connections to the metropolitan area are also achieved by means of the largest ISPs in Romania, meaning that our clients websites are viewed in the shortest time for those who have connections with leading operators. datacenter has direct peering with the leading providers from Romania, with multiple 10Gb connections:

RDS 10Gbps Balcan-IX 10Gbps
UPC 10Gbps Ronix 10Gbps
NAV Telecom 10Gbps InterLAN 10Gbps
Romtelecom 10Gbps GTS 10Gbps

Below you can find some answers to frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of colocation?

No need to invest in redundancy climate solutions, in a professional UPS and diesel generator. You have always available internet bandwidth that you need without having to negotiate with different providers. You have access to your server for troubleshooting, upgrades etc...

I have to sign something when I bring the equipment?

Naturally, when you leave the server in our custody a protocol will be signed in two copies of which one will stay with us and one of you. This will include detailed information about that equipment and its technical characteristics.

What should I do before bringing the equipment?

It is important that before bringing it, install an operating system so you can connect to it remotely. Also we recommend that you configure IP settings before bringing it. These details will be provided to you by our colleagues from the technical department. That way, if there are no complications, the entire installation will require only power and connection to the network switch.

Why would I choose newHOST's colocation services?

Because we chose a reputable partner that can guarantee us the best conditions for collocation. Our equipment and customer servers are hosted in a Tier 3 ready datacenter in the north of the city equipped with professional air-conditioning systems and redundant power supply, fire and anti-seismic protection. The entire network is Cisco, Catalyst 2900 Series for end-users, Catalyst 4900 for interconnects and Catalyst 6509 Series for border router configured in a dual-supervisor topology.